I’ve always been a fan of blogging, actually one of my goals in life -digitally speaking- is to set up my own blog and write about topics I’m really interested in sharing with the world. But here’s the struggle: since I was a teenager I haven’t found the required inspiration for getting it started plus my perception of the popularity of blogs being opaqued by social media has been increasing in the last couple of years.

Personally I believe that my excitement of writing a personal blog has decreased since the birth of social networks and vloggers (video bloggers), all this need for being read and heard when I was younger has been replaced with a single status in my Facebook profile and a picture uploaded in Instagram, therefore the likes and comments are my “readers” showing their engagement in my posts.

Honestly, by the time I knew I had to open a blog account for the course, my first thoughts were: But if we have so many new ways of communication, why blogging now? Is it still relevant nowadays? Now that the time for writing has finished, the answers started to appear by themselves.

Blogging is the method in which the authentic model of communication through words is developed, years before social media was even born, having your own blog was all that you needed to express yourself and it worked very well.

For example back in my country there is a very famous blogger called Romina Sacre who set her own blog a few years ago and now she is being followed by thousands of Mexican young adult females. I was analyzing her blog a few days ago and what I could appreciate about it was her seek to make you feel like her friend therefore she speaks in a very casual and authentic way.

I consider that one of the most important things for blogging is just being yourself through words, it may sound like a cliché but it happens to me every time I read something: the more you feel the writer is being genuine in her/his words, the more you feel empathic and interested as a reader.


Image from: Olivia’s Cuisine

That’s what I learned from this experience of setting a blog, even though the posts had to be related with topics about digital marketing or the MOOC you made it easier for your fellow classmates if you used a friendly tone inviting them to read about your thoughts at the very beginning. Furthermore I feel that at least for non native english speakers writing in english enriches our academic writing and enhances our critical thinking.

Generally speaking I feel that the spirit of blogging still remains, however having a blog means having readers as well and I perceive that reading at least between teenagers and young adults has become an effort more than a passion, so I consider that this type of exercises help us lighting the writer inside of us.

8 comentarios en “Blogging never goes out of style

  1. I know what you mean, and it has become a very useful tool for marketers to promote products, but also from a couple of years ago I have seen that many people are starting to create blogs to share their opinion about an specific topic, for example traveling blogs are a huge thing, what do you think that we have to do as bloggers to outstand in a saturated market?

    Me gusta

    1. Yes, blogs can become a useful channel to communicate depending on your interest and if it it’s for a personal or general matter (individual or brand). As you say traveling blogs or even beauty blogs are becoming a real thing between the general interest of people who are interested in these topics or simply to be informed about them. As individual bloggers it depends on what you write about, if you are aiming for readers then you should considerate spreading your texts through social media even though the interest will start among close relations. I think that having a blog also means that you need to be patient in watching your blog being read and of course very constant on writing because once having readers they will want to read you regularly. Having a blog is having a hobbie as well!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Since social networks are born it is much more interested to create a blog because much more easier to gain trafic as you can share your posts everywhere on different platforms, and that’s the aim of blogging, find new readers who can like and comment your thoughts. You are more likely to write tones and tone of information and talk about different point of view on different topics on a blog whereas on social networks you can’t develop pretty much your thoughts !

    Me gusta

    1. Yes, now with the power and influence of social media, the potential of a blog to achieve multiple readers and followers is increasing every time. We can always complement a blog activity by relying on these platforms to help boost the traffic and therefore the influence. There is always people searching to read something with critical backgrounds not only in social media but in a wider platform in which they can feel more free to share their thoughts in a more intimate expression space. Personally to have a blog and achieve a fruitful experience you need to create a writing habit and be constantly active in it so that you build an engagement with your readers such as marketers do with their costumers.

      Me gusta

    1. Hahaha, yes she writes in spanish indeed. I agree that blogging has become more for a professional cause rather than for informal purposes, it represents a chance to prove your writing and critical levels towards professional aspirations. People sometimes include their blog links in their CV’s for the human resource’s people to have a look and influence their decisions.

      Me gusta

  3. Social media is the best way of communicating as u stated. However, word limits on social media such as facebook, twitter and the type of media to be shared on instagram (images, videos) only, limits the amount of information that you could share ! that is why blogs are good for sharing detailed and specified information about a certain topic that you want people to know more about and at the same time you could use social media to deliver that information to your friends and attract traffic. Loving your blog and hope you would continue posting more as a continuation after the module is finished. Good luck !

    Me gusta

  4. Yes! Blogs give you the valuable opportunity to express much more in words than on social media that’s the real meaning of it, blogs give you the opportunity to connect with a more specific audience looking for special interests and willing to read and be informed through whatever topics you write about. Actually in a couple of days I will share my blog link to my family and friends (through social media) to give give them a glimpse of what we do on our Digital Marketing Masters, inform them about digital topics and therefore the importance of having a blog to share information!

    Me gusta


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