Who wouldn’t love to get a job at any Google headquarter in any part of the world? There are nearly 40 of them all around the globe decided to reclute the most brilliant candidates for the most interesting technology projects. Sounds truly interesting, but after reading this maybe you will change your mind a bit…

Last week I was looking up online for the most desirable jobs in the biggest companies in the world, and in this list of course was Google. It is well known that most of large communication and technology companies offer the best contracts and working conditions to their employees for one simple reason: their workers are their real factory of ideas.

However, not everything we read and hear about having a job there may be completely true: Sometimes working for the best could come along with some negative aspects.

To begin with, as Google characterizes for only hiring the most outstanding employees from the best universities and backgrounds in the world, the daily pressure and constant competition between the workers to demonstrate who is the best could lead to surprising stories from people that could do the unthinkable just to win or climb to a place in these offices. After thinking about this, at least personally, I wouldn’t enjoy working in a place in which your life gets so much pressure that it could lead to so much desperation, you ignore when are you going to be betrayed by your co-workers… or have to betray them yourself someday.

Additional, as Google always keep on hiring people with the same type of profile all over again, same universities, same principles and same interests it could turn into a diversity issue, in which you may not find new bold fresh ideas. Furthermore, there could be cases in which brilliant people can get stuck in the same job position for years and could represent a waste of potential brilliant minds.

Someone once told me (it must have been in one of my ex-agencies) that working for Google was like a dream because it was like doing it in your own home, you can feel free of doing whatever you want while working: laying in the cozy sofas, playing Xbox and eating pop corn at the same time (all the food inside Google is free for workers as well). Sounds like heaven! But, after deeply thinking about this, there may be a point in which your life could turn into your job when it means endless entertainment as well?

Having all those benefits turn people more productive, and I think that is exactly the idea of making them feel comfortable enough to ignore the time passing by; this is when I consider that places like Google need machines instead of humans to work for them.

To conclude, I consider it’s perfectly normal that a person’s biggest desire and interest is to live for their work, it’s a way of living that you can find in multinational companies like Google, but what I truly believe is that if you want a a healthy life both outside and inside your job, you will have to work for reaching a balance between them someday.

5 comentarios en “Google, dream job?

  1. I know someone who works for Google and it is not exactly a dream job.The pay is amazing and like you said the offices have so many luxuries(there is a Google office i think in California that has a slide for people to go down a floor and have fun while doing so).But the average time workers spend at Google is not long and that is because the working hours are insane.Also like you said the level of people working there makes it really hard to get in(Ex-Nasa guys are working there and people from the best universities in the world)

    Me gusta

    1. Hi Themis! I personally don’t have any close friends that have worked or are still working for Google, but it would be interesting to know the other side of the story 🙂 My point is that at the end you are working for someone else’s dream, so I think it’s not so worth it that you give up your personal like for a big company that someday could just suddenly fire you. But that’s just me, I respect everybody’s point of view towards the concept of having a job.

      Thanks for reading!

      Me gusta

  2. to be honest, most big companies are like that, they are not bread and butter. I don’t think a place where you will get along with all of your colleagues exists, that’s part of the experience for working in huge corporations. The positive side is that one you work in places like that you will get tougher and more realistic.

    as for this section “brilliant people can get stuck in the same job position”, are they really brilliant if they are “stuck”? I know they might be under appreciated; but, if they are brilliant they would move on to another place or start there own thing?!!

    Me gusta

  3. Great blog post Fernanda, yes Google has the intention of having the most qualified personal because is one of the best companies and a large amount of people have the desire of working in Google because they think they are only going to enjoy the free food and the cool installations, but actually it is a job as any other. You have to report to someone else and you have to achieve your goals despite your responsibilities.

    I think they offer this kind of promotion to the company because they have to maintain the standard in the personal and also are required for them to maintain a certain level of quality in their jobs.

    Me gusta

    1. Thank you Angelica 🙂 personally, my goal in life is not to have my job as my life, I totally respect people who do this specially because my dad is a little like this haha but I also learnt from him that you may perfectly find an extra time for your personal life (family, friends, couple, etc.) And like you mentioned, at the end of the day you are working for someone else’s company and dreams…

      You understand this because you have worked in agencies as well, so you know how it is to work until midnight and maybe weekends to hand in a project for a brand for the next day, but at the end you will have to make a balance with it and your real life outside the office.

      Thanks for reading!

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