Few years ago after my first Digital Media class in Bachelor’s at Mexico, I decided I wanted to work in Digital maybe for the rest of my life -I’m saying maybe because perhaps tomorrow I’ll end up trying to save polar bears from global warming in the North Pole or sea turtles in the Mexican beaches-… you NEVER know.

But what did work in Digital really mean? By the time I was 21 I didn’t even had the clue of how, when, where or who could help me in the start of my journey, I just knew I had this idea stuck in my head. At least in my country, the Digital world was developing very fast but no one really was studying to make things for it as there were very few digital-only agencies or digital dedicated people. It was just after people began realizing its potential, when the world started to react towards it and then I wanted to make something too.

I worked at two different digital agencies back in Mexico and after those jobs, I realized what Digital could achieve in the world. The problem was that I wanted to work for environmental causes, not to sell cars, I wanted to make the world a better place with digital tools but I didn’t know how to even start doing it.

Honestly, I’m not sure I will afford living my entire life through digital stuff made by myself -my dream is to have my own digital agency or end up writing very interesting/ funny things and news online that people really seem to enjoy (there is one guy in Mexico that started his blog like this and now he is a big influencer)- but what I’m certain about is that digital world is a HUGE opportunity area that we must not let go.

I turn around everyday and see people in their phones sharing information, buying stuff, reading articles, checking their news feed, texting to their friends, etc. that I can’t believe human beings had reached all this, that’s why I wanted to study this phenomenon and try to make cool things as well. I want to make the Digital world makes the world a better place.

After I was required to write a blog about any topic I chose, my head went a little crazy because I wanted to pick the best one for me… even I looked up in Google: “Best topics to write a blog” (that’s why I love the internet, you can find the most random things in the world instead of thinking by yourself) and once I read “-Choose the one you could write about so much about, you won’t even feel it” and I knew from that moment that it would be this.

I chose DigiTales not only because I’m studying a Digital Marketing master’s, but because I would really like to share everything I find to read about the latest news from the Digital universe and mix them up with some of my thoughts, beliefs and experiences.



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